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HIT adalah sebuah program sertifikasi bagi anda yang tertarik untuk menjadi professional learning designer.

Dalam program ini anda akan di bimbing untuk menguasai bagaimana mendesain High Impact Training dengan menggunakan alat & teknik berdasarkan standard internasional.

Dengan HIT anda bukan saja di bimbing dalam kelas, melainkan juga dipandu dalam teori ke praktek lapangan melalui coaching dan mentoring yang intensif.


1. Trainer assessment

2. High 5 HIT module in class

3. Individual coaching 

4. Mentoring small group 

5. Personal enrichment program 


Module 1: Analysis & TNA

Module 2: Designing Learning

Module 3: Developing Design Learning

Module 4: Implementing & Evaluating

Module 5: Consulting Skill

“The more you learn, the more you confident.

That is how you create  better impact for yourself and others.”

Cicik Resti
CRC Founder 



In this module, you will be introduced to the A in ADDIE: analysis (also known as training needs assessment), a structured approach for addressing knowledge and skills needs to produce organizational and individual performance results.

This module includes the following lessons:

• Lesson 1: Needs Assessment Process Overview

• Lesson 2: Organizational Analysis

• Lesson 3: Performance Analysis

• Lesson 4: Performer Analysis

• Lesson 5: Data Collection Techniques

• Lesson 6: Evaluation Plan

• Lesson 7: Needs Assessment Report


In this module, you will be introduced to the first D in ADDIE: design. You will explore how people learn, and look at several models you can begin using immediately to design learning: Psychological Processes of Learning, Gagne’s 9 Events of Learning, and ROPES.

This module includes the following lessons:

• Lesson 1: How People Learn

• Lesson 2: Psychological Processes of Learning

• Lesson 3: Gagne’s 9 Events of Learning

• Lesson 4: Bloom’s Cognitive Domains and

  Taxonomy of Learning

• Lesson 5: Writing Learning objectives

• Lesson 6: Instructional Methods and Media

• Lesson 7: Course and Lesson Outlines (ROPES)

• Lesson 8: Assembling a Design Document


In this module, you will be introduced to the second D in ADDIE: development. This is where the magic happens! You will explore developing materials for the classroom, for the facilitator, for your learners, and for assessment.

This module includes the following lessons:

• Lesson 1: What to Develop, Why, and for Whom

• Lesson 2: Developing Materials for the Classroom 

• Lesson 3: Developing Materials for the Facilitator

• Lesson 4: Developing Materials for the Learner

• Lesson 5: Developing Assessment Materials


This lesson helps you to answer the question: Were these solutions successful? You will view this question at various angles or levels of evaluation and include it in your training needs assessment. Although we cover evaluation as the final step in training needs assessment, it is useful to incorporate it at the start of your analysis.

This module includes the following lessons:

• Lesson 1: Coordinating Program Support and Administration

• Lesson 2: Preparing Facilitators Lesson

• Lesson 3: Preparing Facilitators

• Lesson 4: Running a Pilot and Making Revisions Lesson

• Lesson 5: Course Follow Up

• Lesson 6: Evaluation: Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels

• Lesson 7: ROI (Level 5) Evaluation


In this module, you will learn effective internal consulting skills that will enable you to help your clients achieve their desired outcomes, establish goals, and manage expectations. Guide clients through an instructional design or organizational development project: help them overcome obstacles and resistance, and build your credibility to influence decision-making..

This module includes the following lessons:

• Demonstrate exemplary internal consulting competencies, and the corresponding day-to-day behaviors required of an internal consultant.

• Apply tools to analyze business needs and gather information.

• Overcome resistance and difficult client behaviors.

• List questions to ask a client during a contracting meeting and/or data gathering meeting.